Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

“When you come for your treatment we can discuss what you want to achieve and between us we can determine what will be the best technique for your requirement.

Everything is discussed and penciled on prior to starting your brow procedure ensuring you are totally happy with the shape and colour. I will then check many times throughout the procedure, to ensure that you are happy with the look that is being created especially for you!”

Two Part Process

Every Cosmetic Tattoo service is a two part process, and the price includes a complementary followup session, known as your Touch Up or perfecting session. This is normally booked in person on the day of your initial appointment, 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment to allow for healing.

Consult (Optional)

A consult is $50. Payment must be made at the time of booking. This fee is non refundable. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment you will need to re book and the $50 is deducted from the total cost.  You must provide 3 days notice if you need to reschedule your appointment, otherwise you will lose the full payment of the consult.

Deposit: $100 non refundable deposit. We do not hold bookings so payment MUST be made within the time of booking otherwise your appointment will be cancelled. The remaining cost will need to be paid at your initial appointment. You will need to provide 5 days notice to reschedule, otherwise you will lose 50% of your deposit.



Ombre brows is a new and improved technique of Permanent Makeup. They heal to a soft, defined powder finish, and once healed, the tattoo will fade and soften around 50%, and you will be left with a wash of colour behind your brow hair. They’re done with a tattoo machine.

First time and Touch Up (two appointments: $650


This is the ideal technique for individuals with sparse eyebrows, this technique allows us to achieve a three-dimensional look with the combination of “feather strokes” and added soft powder for extra fullness. This technique is not for all skin types. There are very few people who are good candidates for this type of technique. The best candidate has normal to dry skin, small pores, smooth and not sun damaged.

First time and Touch Up (two appointments: $600)



The combination of microbladed hair stokes with the addition of a fine mist of colour using a machine. This service suits most skin types. Great if you like the look of stokes but want a little extra colour.

First time and Touch Up (two appointments: $700)



Refresher Appointments

For Existing Clients Only, Based on time since last appointment.

  • 6 months refresher: $150
  • 12 months refresher: $300
  • 18 months refresher: $350

All Treatments AFTER 24 MONTHS:  Back to full price

If paying by cash, please bring the remaining balance in correct cash.

Payments made via EFTPOS will incur a 1.6%% Square fee.

Terms and Conditions:


  • Clients with brows previously tattooed by another artist will not be eligible to book a refresher appointments – Full treatment cost will apply. 
  • A deposit of $50 will be required to secure a booking for Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo – Should you wish to reschedule your appointment, notice of 48 hours is required. If the notice is outside this time frame, a new deposit will be required if you wish to re-book.
  • Once your deposit has been made, you will receive a confirmation booking email, which will outline your appointment details, and how to prepare for the treatment.   
  • No refunds for appointments will be given under any circumstances. 
  • Cosmetic tattoo treatments require a second session in order to achieve final results, and must be booked within 6-8 weeks of the first treatment.
  • If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed, a photo of your brows taken without make up on will be requested prior to making an appointment. 
  • We’re all the same but not quite.We all heal and respond differently to treatments. Therefore no guarantees can be made in terms of your results or the longevity of your tattoo. This will be thoroughly discussed with you during your consultation. 
  • Two treatments (1st and 2nd second) are usually sufficient for most clients, however, a third follow up appointment may be required, which will incur a fee.
  • You will be provided with an aftercare kit with instructions on how to look after your brows. No responsibility will be taken for clients not adhering to instructions.

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