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The Face Alchemist

Dearne Maree began her journey into the cosmetic industry via specialised makeup artistry. Working under renowned brands known for their sophistication and minimalistic style such as Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown; Dearne fine-tuned her makeup skills into a delicate art. Throughout her portfolio works and beauty makeup on there can be seen a soft, luminous, tasteful theme. This theme applies to many aspects of Dearne’s work life; through her application technique, stunning results, branding and through the experience she provides each of her clients.
Whether it be completing a makeup application or a cosmetic tattoo, Dearne’s flair for subtleness and a natural result shines through. A soft hand is important when perfecting finer details and ensuring the rule applies that ‘less is more’ and additional can always be added.
Dearne has a vast knowledge of skin which she applies over both her makeup work and cosmetic tattooing. She has completed study in a Makeup Diploma as well as training in Cosmetic Tattooing by a globally recognised artist.


Specialised Makeup

“Over the 5 years I have worked in Makeup I have encountered all kinds of skin and faces. I have learnt how depending on variables such as age, ethnicity, facial features and undertones; it all plays a part in which products I chose to use. When I’m doing a makeup I like to highlight the client’s best features and achieve a natural flawlessness in the skin that gives the look of fresh/clear skin without feeling like they are wearing a lot of makeup”


Cosmetic Tattooing

“My makeup skills have helped me a lot with my style of tattooing. Because I have worked with plenty of different eyebrows, lips, and eye shapes; I have seen first hand how much they vary from person to person. It can alter the entire look of somebody’s face! I have brushed, styled and corrected (filled in) plenty of natural brows for magazine photos and seen the way the hairs naturally grow. Having this in my mind it has helped me to achieve realistic results in my cosmetic tattooing.
I want to always stay ahead of the game to bring my clients the most cutting-edge procedures and techniques for the best results; so I am constantly upskilling. On my clients I only use the best quality pigments (both organic and vegan) for the longevity of colour reliability because I want the long term results to speak for themselves when they leave my treatment room”

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